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Statement of Intent


We, the Butts of Butt Disco, stand for a well-rounded, inclusive, and diverse community that sticks out in large part because of our events, partnerships, community involvement, mentorship, and relationship-building.


We are an ever-growing organization with a core belief that it is essential to have a strong connection and meaningful experiences with the community we celebrate.

As we evolve for Burning Man 2023, we are shifting our camp’s focus to place a greater emphasis on service and unity.  

There are a few steps we’re getting behind this year to build a stronger Butt Disco:

  1. Each Butt will commit to a minimum amount of camp volunteering to attract members who don’t believe in half-assing anything.

  2. For Burning Man 2023, all potential members - new or returning - must fill out the application to be considered. Former Love Burn and/or Burning Man Butts will not be automatically brought back to the Disco. 

  3. All new members must be referred by former Love Burn or Burning Man Butts.


As we take steps in this direction, we look forward to becoming a tighter camp with a cohesive, Butt-forward culture.

For questions regarding membership, please email

Please try to limit communications via text, FaceBook messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., as it can become challenging to manage all of the platforms simultaneously 🙂

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